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Hear Back  Universal Audio LA-610 mkII. Wunder Audio PA Four Plus (4 ch). This kit has all the parts needed to build JLM Audio's LA500A compressor. 2018 Ich verkaufe einen JLM LA500A. But shortly after publication, the manufacturer discontinued the kits, leaving some readers without a way to obtain similar preamps. JLM now has a compressor kit that is all. solder it yourself I purchased x3 of these audio compressors back in 2015 and never got round to building them. e. Manley Vari Mu stereo valve compressor. 1 (stereo preamp + DI). Inward Connections The Brute. Purple MC77 Overstayer Stereo  27 Jul 2016 There is a very wide range of kits available, covering all your studio essentials from basic designs like re-amp boxes and DIs to complex compressors and Seventh Circle Audio from Oakland, CA provides both kits and fully-assembled preamps and compressors. Short of a full review, for now I'll simply  24 Oct 2011 Stream Compressor samples, a playlist by JLM Audio from desktop or your mobile device. LA500 · LA500A. choice of JLM14 or VTX input transformer. We have a Tube Mu compressor in the final stages with a fet (1176 style) and opto (LA3A style) compressor to follow, over the next few months in the lead-up to the  JLM Audio. dbx 900 Series Rack [903 Compressor (x2), 902 De-Esser (x2)]. Ferrograph valve preamp. Dramastic Audio Obsidian 500. JLM Audio PEQ500 (pair) API 550A (pair) FMR Audio RNC stereo compressor. VAT for EU buyers, unless you have a registered VAT number). A version now has Pull high gain in input pot for easier compression setting and Sidechain HPF now goes to 500Hz. STUDIO GEAR Consoles/Pre-amps: Chilton CM-2 broadcast console- 9 mic / line with eq and 10 stereo lines 2 AML ez1073 SSL XLogic Alpha VHD (4 Channels) Analogue Addicts Stereo Valve Preamp - Ex BBC Calrec Transformers Edax Audio Labs Max-800 (8 Valve Channels) Lomo Germanium Preamp (vintage) Mesa . Kush Audio ubk FATSO. Anamod AM670. Here we have the JLM Audio LA500 Opto Compressor for API 500 Series racks! These modules are meticulously crafted using silver-bearing solder, fully calibrated, Best guitar compressor ever!! the Cali76 fet is great don't get me wrong but there is a lot to say about well designed opto system. Just like with preamps, the goal of doing all this building (aside from the fact that it's fun and saves a lot money over buying manufactured stuff) is to make sure that we have a lot of different styles and flavors of compressors  2 Sep 2010 The MAC Opto is a compact, solid-state, optical-compressor kit with minimal controls. Hairball Blue Stripe 1176  Summit DCL 200 – stereo tube compressor. Apr. dbx 163 (x2). Ecstatic Electric can be found at booth #575 http://www. 1 discrete 99v opamp. I've never opened any of the packaging except to have a look at the frontplate, so all is in perfect condition. API 2500 – stereo buss compressor. Compressors: 2 x Distressors EL7 Fatso Urie 1176. JLM Audio TMP8 8-Channel Transformer Input Preamp. Otsola MX35 Nagra III 1ch Hairball Audio 1176D Radioman F600 stereo limiter. We have kept all the audio oddities of the s… FC500A Fet compressor is our full ground up redesign of the 1176LN type compressor with several extra features in a API500 series format. An optional MAC Link kit allows one to combine two MAC optos to make a stereo unit. FC500A · FREQ500 Active EQ. × If you are the person behind JLM Audio contact me for infos how to update this page. Avalon Vt 737sp vocal preamp. Universal Audio 1176. Distressors (x3). jpg Rack has 2 of the FC500 Enhanced  9 Videos, images, audio files, manuals for JLM Audio Studio compressors - Audiofanzine. Huge output transformer (same size as Neve  3. Check out that Orion Antelope interface. Dual99v500 · Eleven 500 Rack. Kajaani 10EA-71 preamp module 4ch. Microphones: ADK Z-Mod 251 tube LDC 1975 Neumann KM-84 1977 Neumann U87 Aston Origin LDC Beesneez Arabella tube LDC Audio-Technica AT4050 COMPRESSORS (11); LA2A; UNIVERSAL AUDIO 2-1176LN COMPRESSOR; DISTRESSORS BRITISH MODE (2); PURPLE AUDIO ACTION FET; LiINDALL AUDIO 7x-500; JLM Audio LA500a (2); Tonelux (2). Joe Malone, Australian audio circuit designer extraordinaire and owner of the company, initially sent the compressor down to me in kit form – it's a compressor you make up yourself you see – and for months the unit sat  29 Mar 2015 - 1 min - Uploaded by Trác Ngọc Lĩnh - ACK StudioQuick test with a acoustic guitar track to reveal the slow attack and sidechain function. com/FC500/JLM%20500%20AES%202009c%201024. dbx 160A Compressor (x2). Empirical Labs EL-7 Distressor x2. the whole conversation shifted when i get comments that JLM audio is bargain, great and so and so. Compressor 1 Slot. Waves renaissance maxx bundle. Universal Audio 1176  Hairball Audio FET500 Blue Face (2, 1176 Rev. February 25th, 2014 posted under Kit Building. Es handelt sich um die erweiterte Version mit Attack Mod und Stereo,JLM Audio LA500 A - Opto Compressor - API SSL Neve 500 Kompressor in München - Au-Haidhausen. The kit must be paired with a JLM dINgO kit, which provides the balancing and audio path. Find this Pin and more on Music by josh18293. LA500 Opto Compressor, PEQ500 Passive EQ, TG500 Mic Pre and JLM AUDIO FC500 FET Compressor are among JLM Audios most popular products. Sounds and works great! Awesome la3a Buy JLM Audio LA500A Opto Compressor (Kit) in Singapore,Singapore. Universal Audio 2108 dual mic pres overstayer pre. JLM Audio BA500 mic pre and LA500A opto compressor! Great tracking setup! € 978,- per set of 1 x BA500 & 1 x LA500A (excl. The Low end is tighter and fatter which is amazing on drums. 20 Mar 2018 Great compressor, just cant justify a piece of equipment like this given the limited time i have available these days to play Running as an insert into an , 1178726193. Summing amps: Neve 8816. Pultec 500 series stereo (JLM Audio) EQ. FC500A Fet compressor is our full ground up redesign of the 1176LN type compressor with several extra features in a API500 series format. Dual 99v 500 series (JLM Audio) preamp. DAV Broadhurst Gardens No. Note that the front plate says “LA500” - this one is still the slow attack model, just before they changed the name of the product. Rack - 11 Slot. Also my RNC balanced is a distant reminice . . Avalon 747sp Valve EQ and Compression; Urie LA22 Compressor; Chameleon Labs SSL Buss Compressor JLM Mod; JLM TG500 Mic Pre's with DI x 2; JLM LA500a Compressors x 4; JLM PEQ 500 Equalizer x 2; Joemeek VC1 Mic Pre / DI x 1; TL Audio Duel Valve Mic Pre Amp / DI; Studer A810 1/4″ Analogue tape  Rupert Neve Designs 543 compressor (pair) Inward Connections OPT1A limiter. LA500A · NV500. « on: August 23, 2010, 04:46:07 PM ». The dbx 160 Compressor/Limiter is a faithful emulation of the dbx 160 hardware unit — still widely considered the best VCA compressor ever made. A Clones) Analog Allstars EQP1S5 (2, Pultec Clones) Radial Tank Driver with 3 Spring Tank Solid State Logic 611EQ 500 Series Parametric Equalizer Lexicon MX400XL Reverb/Effects Processor Drawmer DS201 Dual Gate JLM Audio LA500 Compressor. 5 Jul 2016 This week I'm working on adding four new LA500A units from Australia's JLM Audio. Includes -20dBM & -22dBM Soft Limit Plugs. In addition to repairing and modifying guitar amps and electronics, we can also build kits. . JLM audio pre's, compressors and eq's. Products 1 - 10 of 13 Dual Amp Head Module · Dual99v500. JLM Audio LA500A Kit x3 This a a kit i. API 2500. Alternate Option: JLM Audio BA500]. I'd been looking for sometime for a great compressor for tracking — easy to set, with great action and big sound. BA500 mic pre kit. It is full ground up redesign of the LA3A/LA2A type compressor with several extra features. JLM Audio LA500 Compressors (x2). I wish I could  11 Dec 2015 51 Likes, 5 Comments - Joe Malone (@jlmaudio) on Instagram: “JLM Audio LA500 opto compressor in Taylor Swift's monitor racks :-)” jlm audio compressor kit. JLM Audio LA500a - new with little use, built by an experienced builder using audio grade Cardas silver solder. Thes Chat to Buy. Rupert Neve Designs 5043 stereo compressor. JLM Audio - LA500 Compressor | Musical Instruments, Pro Audio Equipment, Signal Processors & Effects | eBay! Have your audio files or MIDI processed through real analog gear from all over the world. contact us for a quote! IMG_9841. in construction I say it is fair  JLM Audio Shop - LA500 opto comp kit looks sweet - both in kit and prebuilt. EQ 1 Slot. EQ (15); Neve 1073LB (2); API 560; API 550A (3); MANLEY PULTEC; AVEDIS AUDIO Electronics E15; UTA  Find Neve in Pro Audio & Recording Equipment | Professional audio recording equipment for sale in Canada – microphones, recorders, mixers from Shure, Peavey, Yamaha & more on Kijiji Canada's #1 Local Classifieds. Folcrum RMS216. Once the soft limiters are set to match the A/D Converters  Waves CLA classic compressors native. Mic Pre 1 Slot. We recently built this pair of JLM Audio LA500 studio compressors for a customer. JLM Audio LA-500 x2. AWTAC Channel Compressor. Shadow Hills Dual Vandergraph. DYNAMICS. Every mic has a purpose it might be a door stop or a hammer, but every mic has a purpose. For other 500-series preamps and processors on a tight budget, check out the products of Classic API, JLM Audio, Sound Skulptor and Five Fish Audio,  Mixing Console: Digidesign C24 Flying Faders with 16 Focusrite Mic Pre's; Outboard Gear: Rupert Neve Master Buss Processor: Focusrite ISA 828: Universal Audio 710 Twin Finity: Imperical Labs Distressor ELX8 with Brit Mod: Kush Audio Clariphonic Stereo EQ: UBK Fatso Stereo Moded Compressor: Orban 627A: JLM  JLM Audio LA500 A - Opto Compressor - API 500 Kompressor - wie Neu! | Musikinstrumente, Pro-Audio Equipment, Signalprozessoren & Effekte | eBay! dbx 160VU Compressor. To be fair, the input transformer and op-amp were the same JLM  18 Mar 2011 It's taken ages for me to review this fabulous new Mac compressor by JLM Audio. JLM audio TMP 8 pres. “VU” is the common nickname for this highly regarded studio staple, famous for its simple control set. We have kept all the audio oddities of the side chain to keep the compression signature and extreme compression depth but added extra ratio of 5:1 to 10:1  Back when I reviewed the Eisen Audio DIY500 mic preamp kit (Tape Op #80), I bragged about the beefy monsters we brewed. dbx 160  Preamps and outboard. IMG_9847. EMI-style TG500 (JLM Audio) preamp. 11 Oct 2009 Quick photo of the rack I have just sent to Joel at Ecstatic Electric for showing at the 127th New York AES Convention from the 9th to 12th October. Tonelux TX5C 500 series compressor. Shadow Hills 500 series mono Optograph compressor. Kajaani 10EA-74 compressor module 4 x mono/2 x stereo. ART Pro VLA stereo compressor 2 JLM Audio PEQ500  Recordworks Equipment List. TMP8 Mic Pre is very minimalist & pure with amazingly silky top end and extreme Signal to Noise ratio. Eleven 500 Rack · FC500A. JLM audio Dual 99v. Here we have the JLM Audio MAC-Rack dual channel Opto Compressor! These units are meticulously crafted using silver-bearing solder, fully calibrated, tested and. GSSL Stereo Buss Compressor. 9 Feb 2013 Well, I have had time to get to know some new additions to the studio over the last two months, including the JLM Audio LA 500 compressor (500 series). Logged. JLM Audio is a manufacturer of 500 Series modules. FREQ500 Active EQ · LA500. next post:  Turn the clock back only 10 years and you'd see plenty of new outboard gear, aimed squarely at the home recordist, with budget preamps, compressors, EQs and . Waves JJP Analog Legends JLM Audio Baby Animal 4ch. JLM Audio LA500 opto-compressor kit build. Anamod AM660 Limiter (Fairchild 660 copy) Empirical Labs Derresser de-esser. jlmaudio. Notable Features: 3-position compression  JLM AUDIO TG500, the DUAL99V500, and the PEQ500! Interview with Joe Malone of JLM AUDIO by pan60 pan60 So, let's start with some of the basics. Mnats Blackface1176 Compressor. Neve 5316 Console -16 pres. We have kept all the audio oddities of the side chain to keep the  LA500A Opto compressor is our MAC comp in a API500 & 51X series format

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